App Features

Tap your screen, then tap on the arrow icon on the right to minimize your video call, then send a message or use your phone as normal without breaking the call.

Press the message, pick “Correct message,” and the app will guide you from there.

You can send it either as a link or image within the app.

How to become a Tutor on Tandem

You can apply in the app or through our website. We will contact you if you’re a good fit, and schedule an interview.

All our tutors are certified to be language tutors and have significant tutoring experience. We verify each tutor through a personal interview, and request all relevant certificates.

With our price differentiation feature, you can set your own hourly rate according to your qualifications and experience. You can also change your prices anytime.

Tandem is the perfect side gig. Your earnings depend on your experience, availability, prices and how well you interact with students.

All the payments on Tandem and processed with Stripe. You will receive your earnings the moment your student pays for the lesson.

We provide you with an easy to use tutoring platform, payment security, and we find your students for you. Isn’t this worth a small share of your earnings? 🙂

No, tutoring on Tandem is very flexible – you’re free to schedule your own hours & decide how much time you want to commit.

Once you’ve completed your interview, and have been informed of our decision, we’ll onboard you within 2 days!

Tech questions

Tandem works best on wifi, so make sure both you and your student have a stable internet connection. If that’s not possible, try turning the video off to improve sound quality.

Don’t worry if your student doesn’t show up for the scheduled lesson. If it was a free call, he/she won’t be able to book a free call with you again. If it was a paid call, you get to keep the money.

Send your student a friendly message reminding him/her that the lesson time has begun and you’re waiting for his/her call.

If your student is late, you’re not obligated to deliver the full duration of the lesson booked. If the lesson is 40 min and he’s 15 min late, your lesson will be cut short. Your student should respect your time, and be ready to begin the lesson at the scheduled time!

Call your student back!

Log out, and log back in again.

This means that your student’s payment method didn’t work when we tried to charge it, and Tandem cancelled the lesson for you. This can happen for various reasons: insufficient funds on the card, card not valid, transaction declined by a bank, etc. Ask your student to check his/her payment method and book another lesson!

Your local time is taken from your device. If it doesn’t match, please try restarting the app and logging out and back in again.

Tutoring on Tandem

Tandem has users from all over the world, therefore, you should be prepared to get students with various cultural backgrounds. Our top countries are: Brazil, Russia, China, Italy, Mexico, US, and Germany.

We have over 1 million students from all over the world, so time zones are not an issue!

Pro tip: Open your lesson slots a few weeks in advance! The more available slots you have, the more room there is for potential students. Plus, the more availability you have, the more we’ll promote you to the students!

20/40/60/90 mins

No, the 15min free call is free for both you and students. Use this time to demonstrate to students that you’re a knowledgeable, qualified tutor who can help them with your language. You can also switch the free trial option off when you have earned enough regular students.

If they are learning the language you’re tutoring, they will see your profile. Be sure to make your profile as attractive as possible by adding a nice photo, writing an interesting topic & About me.

You can start a conversation after someone books a lesson, either paid or free. They can’t message you before they book.

Stripe charges students 12 hrs before the start of the lesson. This means they can cancel it prior to 12 hrs with no penalty, but if they cancel it afterwards, you’ll still be paid.

Yes. In the rare case that you have to cancel a booked lesson, a full refund will be issued to the student from your account. Tandem will refund its commission as well.

No, you are not allowed to take Tandem students off the platform.

We would definitely recommend it! It’s a nice touch after the great lesson you just had, and your student will be much more likely to leave a review for you!

Tell us immediately via the “report abuse” button on the student’s profile, and we’ll look into the case! You can always choose not to tutor certain students again if you feel uncomfortable.