Everyone uses their real identity on Tandem so that other people on Tandem can see that you are a real person just like them. This makes people more comfortable calling or messaging with you for the first time, and helps you form more meaningful connections.

At this time, there’s no way to connect accounts that were created with different login methods. The only way is to delete your current account, and register again with your preferred login method.

Unfortunately, if you change your phone number, you will not be able to log into that account again. Please message us and we’ll delete it for you. You’ll then be able to create a new account.

Unfortunately not. When you delete your account all your photos, topics and conversations are gone forever.

You received a warning because we have received reports from other members that you have broken Tandem’s rules. You agreed to the rules of Tandem when you created your account, and breaking them again will result in your account being banned.

It’s important to us that Tandem is a safe and interesting place for language learners. If your account has been banned, it means you have broken Tandem’s rules and we had a serious reason to do so. Your ban will not be reversed, and no further application to join Tandem will be accepted from you.

First of all, Tandem is not a dating app. It’s a community designed for language learners and overt flirting is not welcome here.

Secondly, it’s an international community so we do not tolerate rudeness or racism of any kind.

Thirdly, spam is not welcome here.

Finding friends/ Tandem buddies

Tap the + on the top left, and pick a friend you would like to invite to join Tandem. Your friend will receive a special invitation code to speed up his/her onboarding!

To find your friend on Tandem, you must be a Perfect Match. That means, you must be practicing a language he/she speaks. If that’s the case, you can find each other by searching their name in the community. Also, to make it even easier, add a unique topic and tell your friend to search for it!

Yes. Use the filter, “Only show members who live in…” to target people in certain countries who you would like to meet. It’s really useful when you want to learn a specific accent, or you are planning to relocate to another country

Sorry to hear that! Here are a few tips to get you started. Make sure those you’re messaging are language matches. Find something interesting in the person’s profile, and ask them a question about it. Send something beyond, “Hi, how are you?”. Make sure your profile is completely filled out, and you have a nice picture.

Those blue icons are references. They’re an indication of how active people are on Tandem. Click on the profile to see what other Tandem members have said about the person, and leave your own reference after a video call.

At the moment, Tandem Games is only available for iOS users. The games can be played by members who have Tandem 2.0 and upwards installed, and have a match with partners learning or speaking German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Chinese. We’re working on adding Tandem Games for Android users as well!

How to use the app

If you’re online, others on Tandem will see your profile and start chatting with you. How will you know they sent you a message if you don’t receive notifications? 🙂

To change your main profile picture, simply go into Profile, upload a new picture and click on it. Your old profile picture will be replaced but kept in an album.

Post it as a topic! Also, message us and tell us which languages you’re missing and we’ll work on adding them!

To get notifications from Tandem, you have to select the ‘allow notifications’ option in your phone settings.