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34 hablantes de español en Coventry buscan aprender idiomas

james, 18
AprendeGrieg, Español
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealSomeone with whom I can talk about the topics that interest me and can assist me with any doubts that I may have concerning the languages I am learning and studying.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeMy goals are essentially to reach a very high level of conversational ability and fluency in my target languages so that I can communicate on an everyday level with native speakers and form new friendships.
Mis temas favoritosI like talking about languages and linguistics and topics around that subject, in addition I like talking about current affairs, history and politics.
Bethan, 22
HablaGalés, Inglés
AprendeEspañol, Islandés
Mi compañero de intercambio esanyone who can be patient with my very bad Spanish and barely existent Icelandic! someone who likes talking about all sorts of things, and isn't afraid to correct my mistakes!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI'd love to improve my conversational skills and learn how to use the languages like a native person does!
Mis temas favoritoshi, I'm Bethan and I come from Wales, but I live in England. I study psychology in university and I'm also learning Spanish, so I love talking about anything to do with psychology, languages, and culture, as well as music, or really anything interesting!
Rocío, 29
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónAnyone!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeImprove my English
Mis temas favoritosFootball environment engineering life
Cristina, 23
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasCreative and Intelligent
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBecome fluent in French
Mis temas favoritosTravelling, Sports, Music and Reading
adjany, 31
AprendeAleman, Francés
Mi compañero de conversaciónA native speaker that makes me comfortable and corrects me whenever needed. Someone with a sense of humor willing to teach me the local ways and build a friendship with
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeUnderstanding the spoken language and maintain a fluid conversation
Mis temas favoritosFood, travel, nature, culture, languages, animals, numbers
Afonso, 22
HablaGallega, Portugues
AprendeItaliano, Latín
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealPoliglot of romance languages
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLearn the rest of Latin languages
Mis temas favoritosLatin languages
Krystyna, 36
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealYep
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFor myself
Mis temas favoritosEverything
Andy, 37
HablaAleman, gsw
AprendeJaponés, Alemán
Mi compañero de intercambio esopen minded, flexible, nice
Mis objetivos de aprendizajemeet interesting people through language andhave many conversation, ideally audio or video
Mis temas favoritosmusic, production, philosophy, languages, Synthesizer, technology, creativity, photography, table tennis
Leïla, 20
AprendeJaponés, Koreano, Chino
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónFriendly! Fun! Open minded kind and Respectful! 😄
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeImprove my Korean learning rules and learn Japanese and Chinese if possible 🙈
Mis temas favoritosAmine/Manga Music KPOP Sport (Basketball) Life Food Culture
Leandra, 20
HablaInglés, Portugues
AprendeAleman, Francés
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasI'd like someone who enjoys speaking to someone who enjoys what they're talking about
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBe fluent in the language
Mis temas favoritosFilms and animals, history, uk
Janek, 32
Mi compañero de conversaciónHxgdvsb f hsisvfusvs
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeHdhahsvdjd d sjsjs
Mis temas favoritosXhdlabdbcoh dhdiabd. Dydaktyka svd
Gabriel, 35
AprendeÁrabe, Aleman
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealMy perfect Tandem partner is funny, easygoing, and creative
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeImprove my speaking skills and discuss interesting topics
Mis temas favoritosMusic, culture, travelling, history, languages, running
Fofinha, 58
Mi compañero de intercambio esHonest, good mood, sensitive and friendly.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo learn a little bit German for my usual visit in Germany. Instead I can help you in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
Mis temas favoritosLearning languages in general, yoga, reading, dancing and I love talking with people and making friends.
Rafael, 30
HablaInglés, Español
AprendeAleman, Francés, Italiano
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónYoung, outgoing and well travelled
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be comfortable putting to practice what I've learned so far
Mis temas favoritosTravel Food Films
Rita, 23
AprendeEspañol, Francés, Italiano
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSimpatico , honesto e amigo
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeAprender corretamente um novo idioma
Mis temas favoritosNoticias , quatidiano ,
rayan, 19
HablaInglés, Somalí
AprendeEspañol, Francés
Mi compañero de conversaciónfunny outgoing extra crazy weird
Mis objetivos de aprendizajefluency in both languages
Mis temas favoritoseverything
Dalma, 25
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealPatient, fun to learn with
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI want to get fluent in Spanish
Mis temas favoritosTravel, tourism, sustainability, mental health, friends
Hal, 44
Mi compañero de intercambio esSomeone who is patient, friendly
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo improve my speaking and comprehension skills in Spanish
Mis temas favoritosLife, family, travel
Patrycja, 22
AprendeAleman, Español, Portugues
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónEveryone who is genuinely interested in learning languages.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo improve my Spanish writing skills and expand my vocabulary.Learn Portuguese.
Mis temas favoritosPersonal development 🤓 Music (all generes, but mostly spanish😍) Soap operas 😂 I know but this is how I learned Spanish 😝 Volleyball 🏃🏻‍♀️ Gym
Ariana, 18
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSomeone who is friendly and will have a good conversation. We can get to know more about each other and learn new things about where we're from
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI would love to become fluent in Spanish
Mis temas favoritosAny topics!