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20 hablantes de español en Kitchener buscan aprender idiomas

Muriel, 25
Aprendebar, Francés, Italiano
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealOpen, friendly, understanding, patient
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo practice words, learn new phrases and become more fluent in the language
Mis temas favoritosArts, history, animals, travelling, culture
Irina, 31
Mi compañero de intercambio esFriendly Communicative Socially active
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI want to improve my German language
Mis temas favoritosTravel News German
Sean, 29
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSomeone who will help me develop my language skills without making me too bad about my errors. They are also easy to talk to and eager to develop their own skills. Also, they are understanding of my busy schedule.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI have taken up to intermediate German at university. I would like to continue to develop these skills to a level of working proficiency. I think practicing with a native speaker will help a lot.
Mis temas favoritosI enjoy discussing sports (mainly football), travel and culture, science and academia, and current affairs.
Vince, 32
HablaInglés, Rumano
AprendeAleman, Francés, Sueco
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasNothing particularly
Mis objetivos de aprendizajePersonal goal
Mis temas favoritosPolitics, technology
Sunny, 24
HablaInglés, Panjabi
AprendeAleman, Francés
Mi compañero de conversaciónAnyone who loves to learn languages and have an open mind.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeMy goal is to be vocal and understandable in both French
Mis temas favoritosI love discussing normal day to day life events, I have this curiosity to know how’s life in Europe. Apart from that, I am pretty much open to any topics haha
bukhari, 19
HablaInglés, Somalí
AprendeÁrabe, Aleman
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealMy perfect tandem partner is human.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeHaven't decided yet
Mis temas favoritosWisdom
Ammar, 33
HablaÁrabe, Inglés
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealEasygoing conversationalist
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeKeep practicing and improving so I don't forget/lose it
Mis temas favoritosTravel, sports, photography
Richelle, 29
AprendeAleman, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esPatient, creative, passionate
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFluency and confidence in French
Mis temas favoritosPolitics Language learning Design and art
Pemika, 21
HablaInglés, Tailandés
AprendeAleman, Español, Italiano
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónFunny, friendly, and people who interest in travel, cultural and adventures. I'd love to talk to anyone that share the same passion as I am. I'm here to make friends and open my world by getting to know different people across the globe. So feel free to d
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLearning new languages
Mis temas favoritosTravel ✈️✈️foods 🍕🍰🍧🍩🥂fashion, I love to listen to music and getting to know people. There's nothing in the world better than learning different culture from others. I also love to read books so feel free to share any good book you think I should read.
Mustafa, 25
AprendeAleman, Italiano
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasAnybody willing to teach me
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI’d like to learn German
Mis temas favoritosPhilosophy, Films, Games, Psychology, Piano, Drawing, Dancing, Animals
Jhonny, 29
AprendeAleman, Inglés, Francés
Mi compañero de conversaciónQue me ayuden hablar inglés
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTener más confianza con los demás
Mis temas favoritosSobre la vida cotidiana , modales etc
Katherine, 29
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealSomeone who is patient and excited to talk with me
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to converse in German, I don’t expect to be fluent but I enjoy learning
Mis temas favoritosMovies Tv Animals
Emma, 28
AprendeAleman, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esSomeone who enjoys learning
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI would like to feel more confident in my language abilities and also get to know more about different people and the cultures
Mis temas favoritosTravel, cooking, skiing, hiking, slacklining
Daya, 43
HablaInglés, Español
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónQuiero aprender
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeInglés
Mis temas favoritosHablo español y quiero aprender inglés
James, 47
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasLiberal, world traveler, athletic
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeConversational German (with Bavarian and/or Austrian German is helpful).
Mis temas favoritosSports, travel, cycling, hiking, music
Neelaksh, 51
Mi compañero de conversaciónChill person who isn’t too extroverted.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLearning langauges
Mis temas favoritosVideo games (specifically MOBAs like Dota or First Person Shooters)
Sara, 82
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealI’m 78 so a senior would be good
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI’m going to Portugal in March and would like to learn enough Portuguese to be polite.
Mis temas favoritosFamily, animals, travel
Anne-Marie, 42
Mi compañero de intercambio esI’d love to connect with native French speakers who are interested in learning English as well. I’m not looking for a relationship - just some good conversation.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFeel more comfortable speaking French
Mis temas favoritosTravel, education, entertainment (movies, tv, music), history and food!
Murray James, 65
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónA mature male or female who has time to talk about interesting things like travel, art, current events, etc.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI would like to be able carry on a casual conversation with someone I meet in a French speaking country/area.
Mis temas favoritosI like to travel (J’aime voyager) I like playing my guitar and singing (J’aime jouer de la guitar et chanter) I like talking about history (J’aime parler d‘histories) I like drawing and painting digital art (J’aime dessiner et peindre l’art numerique).
Bryan, 26
HablaZhuang, Chino
AprendeEspañol, Francés, Japonés
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasWilling to talk
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeAble to carry a daily life conversation
Mis temas favoritosEverything