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Nik, 24
AprendeAlemán, Sueco
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealA calm and composed person with defined interests and strive for knowledge
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo get to the point where I am able to travel without fear of bot being understood
Mis temas favoritosMusic, books, philosophy
Dasha, 21
HablaRuso, Ukraniano
AprendeInglés, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esTalkative, open-minded
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLearn new English words
Mis temas favoritosTraveling, books, movies Basically anything c:
Abood, 21
HablaÁrabe, Ruso
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónI study in Canada, and I am looking for Someone likes to be social
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeto get real friends
Mis temas favoritosI like history, such as films, books or even classical music
Michelle, 23
HablaInglés, Ruso
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasKorean speaker, living in Seoul
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeimprove Korean speaking skills
Mis temas favoritosmusic, travel, sports, and social justice
Mithil, 20
AprendeMalayalam, Ruso
Mi compañero de conversaciónNo clue, I don’t even know how this works yet
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBecome proficient in speaking
Mis temas favoritosSpirituality, religion, science, life,
Jacob, 20
AprendeRuso, Vietnamita
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealA nice person that can help me with my Russian, maybe I can help then with their English
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI want to be fluent in Russian by the time I finish University (in the next 3 years)
Mis temas favoritosComputer Games, Music, Animals, Languages,
Tyerin, 20
AprendeJaponés, Ruso, Chino
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealCasual and laid back not too formal
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to hold a decent conversation
Mis temas favoritosI enjoy discussing about video games, movies, current events, cooking and learning new cultures
Michael, 37
AprendeFrancés, Ruso
Mi compañero de intercambio esPassionate about learning languages and making new friends
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to communicate on an upper intermediate/lower advanced level.
Mis temas favoritosMusic, movies, sports
Nassif, 26
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónFriendly and open minded
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to understand and hold a basic conversation
Mis temas favoritosSports and nature, adventures and experiences, societies and cultures
Victor, 32
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasOpened mind Respectful Cheerful
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeRussian Language
Mis temas favoritosLanguage Culture and Travelling
Sean, 35
AprendeEspañol, Ruso
Mi compañero de conversaciónOpen to strange and controversial concepts. Aware of patterns and trends. It would be nice if my partner didn’t fixate or obsess over the cultural malignancy that is Disney/Marvel Cinema. Cynical yet light hearted. Whimsy is always nice. Surprise me.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo have the ability to write coherently in Spanish and Russian. A basic ability to carry on simple conversation in Spanish and Russian.
Mis temas favoritosThe relationship Humankind has with technology in regards to evolution and artificial intelligence. The many subgenres ofDeath Metal Comic book industry and history. Philosophy of many kinds. Cyberization of the human consciousness
Hafez, 28
AprendeInglés, Ruso
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealA kind friend that wants to talk about different stuff and boost my vocabulary.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeWant to start Russian. To be able to speak English better
Mis temas favoritosRandom chat, Movies, philosophy, history, books,
Makayla, 20
HablaInglés, exx
AprendeEspañol, Polaco, Ruso
Mi compañero de intercambio esVery funny, outgoing and caring
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be fluent as desired.
Mis temas favoritosPersonal, lifestyle, hobbies, food, music
ZVI, 35
AprendeIrlandes, Gaélico escocés, Ruso
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónPolite, talkative, caring, peaceful, people interested in love
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo converse with beautiful people around the world, and share my life's experiences:)
Mis temas favoritosMusic, Film and the general meaning of life find me on Facebook or YouTube
Rivka, 22
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSomeone wanting to learn
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo finally be able to write and read
Mis temas favoritosLife, veganism, and hobbies
József, 40
Mi compañero de conversaciónA student of English or Hungarian at any level, who speaks and writes Russian at a native or fluent level. Must be willing to talk to me in a slow / simple manner, like to a child, and to type and explain to me any new words / expressions.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI would like to take a basic-level Russian language exam.
Mis temas favoritosworld, countries, culture, society, relationships, mentality.
Charm, 22
AprendeTailandés, Chino
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealFunny, funny sense of humour and likes movies
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLearning Chinese and French to the intermediate level
Mis temas favoritosAnything
Mark, 36
Mi compañero de intercambio esSomeone who gets a kick out of learning and speaking multiple languages.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI'd like to become more comfortable speaking other languages.
Mis temas favoritosLife, faith, beverages.
Brian, 38
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónI have never used tandem so I’m not sure, I guess someone who is interesting to talk to.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeMy ultimate goal is to go to Paris on vacation and only speak in French.
Mis temas favoritosSports, politics, electric cars, technology, current events, anything really
Victoria, 24
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasComprensivo
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFirst C
Mis temas favoritosEstudios, actividades en mi tiempo libre, culturas
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