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20 hablantes de español en Albany buscan aprender idiomas

Remi, 34
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealsomeone with whom I could practice speaking through casual conversations, while having the opportunity to ask occasional questions about pronunciation, grammar, etc.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBeing able to speak somewhat fluently
Mis temas favoritosTravel, food, culture
Yashu, 23
HablaInglés, Francés, Chino
AprendeEspañol, Koreano
Mi compañero de intercambio esSmiley faces XD and who want to practice English, French
Mis objetivos de aprendizajemaster in Korea and Spanish for future study and career.Are you willing to have a amazing language exchange experience with me ?
Mis temas favoritosHola, I am a law school student. Y me gusto mucho Language learning and travel,j’aime voyager et partager l’expérience avec toi. Don’t hesitate to check me out on Ins : aloha_kittyleah
Andy Kim, 21
HablaInglés, Koreano
AprendeEspañol, Persa, Francés
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónOpen minded
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeCommunicate better, learn new phrases, make mistakes
Mis temas favoritosTravel, music, cultures, music, nature, linguistics
Madison, 21
AprendeJaponés, Koreano
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSomeone that I can get along with easily
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeDifferent cultures and languages
Mis temas favoritosMovies,books,games, Anything 😊
Alana, 24
HablaInglés, Francés
AprendeJaponés, Koreano, Tailandés
Mi compañero de conversaciónAnyone~!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeJust gaining general knowledge of all the languages I'm interested in learning.
Mis temas favoritosInclude traveling, K-pop, anime, and good food. But talk to me about anything!
blyko, 21
AprendeÁrabe, Japonés
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealmy perfect tandem partner is someone who is passionate in learning new things and traveling. they know a lot about different countries to teach others about and is fluent in other languages
Mis objetivos de aprendizajemy language learning goals is to speak the language fluently. and to learn to write in the language
Mis temas favoritosi enjoy discussing about culture art and food.
Raymund, 36
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealFlexible, relaxed, patient, understanding, respectful
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBecome more conversational
Mis temas favoritosNews, football (American), classical music, choirs, news
Lauren, 30
Mi compañero de intercambio esNative French speakers - I would like to have a regular audio reunion 1 or 2 times per week to practice my conversational skills and help correct your English!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo find a native French speaker who would like to meet 1-2x per week and become more fluent in conversation and teaching English.
Mis temas favoritosTravel, Geography, World news, Education, Personal development
Caleb, 35
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSpeaks French Fun Funny
Mis objetivos de aprendizajePractice French Comprehension
Mis temas favoritosWeightlifting Music Travel Outdoors
Sam, 36
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasAnyone who has similar interests and hobbies, (movies, history, soccer) and loves to talk about forests and outdoors.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeProficient speaker in year
Mis temas favoritosReading, watching documentaries and old classic movies (1990s). I’m a big soccer fun and love the outdoors- hiking, etc
Barbara, 60
AprendeFrancés, Italiano
Mi compañero de conversaciónFrench or Italian
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo gain confidence speaking French, and to improve my Italian
Mis temas favoritosTravel, books, animals
Traceey, 30
HablaInglés, Chino
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealInteresting
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeLet talk about the world !
Mis temas favoritosTravel,film,history
Sky, 19
AprendeEspañol, Francés, Chino
Mi compañero de intercambio esSomeone nice and understanding I guess
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to speak different languages fluently
Mis temas favoritosI like Music Movies And books
LaVell, 47
AprendeÁrabe, Francés
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónAll are welcome to talk about anything. ..All are welcomed to contact me.... If I am awake.. I will definitely respond....
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to understand native speakers. And vise versa.
Mis temas favoritosI wouldn't call them hobbies nor passions.... It is more similar to boring but necessary routines.
Christelle, 20
AprendeEspañol, Francés
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasanyone between 17&25yrs old 🤷‍♀️
Mis objetivos de aprendizajei would like to learn french ! 🌻
Mis temas favoritosart, piano, music, Christian, oceans, sunsets, shells, long car rides, adele, cats 🌟
Fred, 27
AprendeEspañol, Francés, Portugues
Mi compañero de conversaciónJust wants to talk
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI want to gain conversational fluency. I want to be able to speak with anyone in their native language, trade ideas and opinions.
Mis temas favoritosMovies, art, life, music, engineering, computer science, running, biking, nature, cooking, the way grass smells after it rains.
Alexandra, 28
AprendeAleman, Francés
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealFlexible with time, a female, patient, and hard working.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeExpand and refresh what I know.
Mis temas favoritosTravel, daily life,
Xiaohui, 34
AprendeAleman, Inglés, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esNice, patient, eager to learn
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFluent at speaking English. Learn some German and French
Mis temas favoritosCulture,food,fitness,science,tv show, everything
Henri, 55
AprendeFrancés, Ruso
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSomeone who has a command of the English language
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo speak and understand a language other than English
Mis temas favoritosCooking, language learning and self improvement
Travis, 36
AprendeEspañol, Francés
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasPatient; extroverted; inquisitive; positive
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeBecome conversation before eventually traveling to Mexico and/or France
Mis temas favoritosTechnology; philosophy; sexuality; board games; video games; innovation