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Susi, 40
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealSomeone active and motivated.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFluency and error correction.
Mis temas favoritosEverything!
Simon, 37
AprendeÁrabe, Español, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esEasygoing, well traveled, varied interests and happy to put up with my English accent!!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be trilingual.
Mis temas favoritosTravel, business, sports, politics, food.
Danny, 18
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSomeone who's open up with everyone Likes to talk, get to know people and have a great sense of humor..etc A Tandem buddy that always know how to open up a conversation &I keeps the conversation going, I don't like feeling awkward cause I talk alot
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI just really want to learn Japanese and French and Spanish so bad! Because those 3 language are my Maine goal for my New Years resolution
Mis temas favoritosPunk rock Emo Gaming Panda Unicorns Sushi Football Art Singing Hipster
Sash, 24
HablaInglés, Ukraniano
AprendeKoreano, Malayo, Chino
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasAnyone
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeExtend the way I think
Mis temas favoritosLanguages / Forensic Medicine / Retouching / Food
Adel, 31
HablaÁrabe, Inglés
Mi compañero de conversaciónEverything
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTravel and tourism
Mis temas favoritosTraveling, Making Friends
Bea, 31
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealI like to learn about people, their background, etc
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFluency
Mis temas favoritosTravel, food, books
Valentino, 36
HablaInglés, Italiano
AprendeEspañol, Japonés, Ruso
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealNot sure I understand this question
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI wish to be able to express myself freely in the languages I am learning
Mis temas favoritosCultural and current events. Travel stories interesting discoveries.
Pamela Jes, 30
HablaInglés, Tagalo
Mi compañero de intercambio esSending me funny posts
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI wanted to learn german
Mis temas favoritosPhotography, movies and memes
Danni, 28
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónEasygoing & patient
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI’m only learning Arabic for now... I have learnt most of the Arabic alphabet. I am wanting to learn Modern Standard Arabic or Arabic from the Gulf countries since I am based in UAE.
Mis temas favoritosFood, travel & intellectual topics
Shantanu, 25
HablaInglés, Hindi
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSomeone who can speak French and help me learn French. And, maybe also likes discussing books and movies.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo understand French properly.. And be able to speak some.
Mis temas favoritosSports. Movies. Politics. History. Philosophy. Computers. Alternate universe. Science.
Nouf, 31
Mi compañero de conversaciónSomeone that is easy to talk to and is very cultured
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI am a beginner and want to become advanced so I may speak Italian with friends and while traveling
Mis temas favoritosTravel, Art, Music, History, Business, Books
Tamara, 29
HablaInglés, Portugues
AprendeÁrabe, Español, Chino
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealFriendly, well cultured, well travelled... able to talk about everything
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeImproving vocabulary and being able to hold conversations
Mis temas favoritosTraveling Business Restaurants & Food
Bianca, 25
AprendeEspañol, Francés
Mi compañero de intercambio esSomeone's who is curious about the world and everything that it holds.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeHave a decent conversation with someone in their own language.
Mis temas favoritosMusic Places to Visit Movies &TV Series Novels Love for Animals especially Dogs Food
Connor, 27
AprendeEspañol, Francés
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSomeone who is enthusiastic and friendly.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo become fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese.
Mis temas favoritosAdventure/travel. Ambitions and goals. Anything fun!
Gül, 31
HablaInglés, Turco
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasSomeone who is funny, has a good sense of humour and is helpful... I'm looking to have a laugh and make friends :) Disclaimer: This app is not Tinder! Disclaimer 2: I'm not going to take you seriously if you're lying about your native/fluent languages.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeI want to be fluent in German and speak without having to think 62737 times about its 2873636278 grammatical rules :) I'm native in English and Turkish, born and raised in the UK, currently living in the UAE, so I can help you with either if you want :)
Mis temas favoritosAnimals, the environment, yoga, veganism, pets, fitness, gaming (anyone want to recommend PS games?) yummy vegan food, travelling, rock&metal music, human rights, health (let me know if you're also a healthcare provider!)... Or anything that you're into!
Dana, 21
HablaInglés, Ruso
Mi compañero de conversaciónFunny, light-hearted
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo be able to eventually attend university in Italy
Mis temas favoritosTechnology, internet culture (memes basically), anime, and whatever you are passionate about!
Janne, 18
HablaInglés, Alemán
AprendeEspañol, sgn-gb
Compañero de comunidad de idiomas idealsomeone patient and ready to learn
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeto be able to be proficient in more than the languages i know now
Mis temas favoritossports music politics countries
Giugliano, 35
HablaInglés, Español
Mi compañero de intercambio esOpen minded traveler fun decent
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeFluent in Russian Slovak Czech Serbian Croatian Latvian Lithuanian
Mis temas favoritosCultural exchanges Life Cuisine Social activities Travel
Tobias, 28
Compañero ideal de intercambio de conversaciónSomeone who is willing to practise speaking!
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeTo achieve conversational level fluency
Mis temas favoritosHealth 🏃🏿‍♂️ Food 🥘🍲🥣 Sports 🏀⚽️⚾️ Books 📖 Movies 📽🎞🎬 Games🖥
Brad, 27
Compañero perfecto de intercambio de idiomasPeople that have purpose in life and work in a field they're passionate about. Creators, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, etc.
Mis objetivos de aprendizajeConversational in Behasa
Mis temas favoritosSkateboarding, surfing, traveling, motocross, snowboarding

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