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Gold Coast

In Gold Coast möchten 20 Mitglieder gemeinsam Russisch lernen

Melanie, 27
Gold Coast
Lerntber, Zhuang
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityJames Anthony Babington-Gakis Who is going to become my boyfriend after he messages me in plenty of fish tonight at around 8pm indefinitely and this is fact
Meine LernzieleTo be with James
Meine InteresseJames' big cock aka penis only for me
Xavier, 29
Gold Coast
SprichtEnglisch, exx
LerntDeutsch, Russisch
Mein Sprachpartner istPeople who are interested in Australia
Meine LernzieleI'd like to learn about different European cultures and languages
Meine InteresseCulture and travel
Nish, 19
Gold Coast
LerntItalienisch, Russisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone who is open minded and kind.
Meine LernzieleTo keep my Italian from going dusty.
Meine InteresseMusic, films, philosophy, languages
Rebecca, 23
Gold Coast
LerntFranzösisch, Russisch, Schwedisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerEveryone! Don’t be shy. Say hello 😊
Meine LernzieleTo learn new languages and make friends with people from all over the world
Meine InteresseTravel, photography, reading, tv shows, movies
William, 19
Gold Coast
Mein GesprächspartnerA person who is committed.
Meine LernzieleTo Improve my language abilities.
Meine InteresseSports, politics.
Clair, 25
Gold Coast
LerntEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityI don't mind what people there but attractive in personality ;)
Meine LernzieleI want to learn English, Spanish.... Hahaha I can teach you Chinese as exchange
Meine InteresseMmm.. Weather, shopping, movies, fashion, countries, boys....and any thing else.lol
Jordan, 27
Gold Coast
LerntFranzösisch, Japanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityAn interesting one that can hold conversation
Meine LernzieleI would like to learn French and Japanese, I will teach English in return.
Meine InteresseTravelling. Military. Hiking. Snokling and Free Diving. Nature. Movie and Music
钰青, 22
Gold Coast
Mein Sprachpartner ist有共同话题
Meine Lernziele上课可以听懂交流无障碍
Meine Interesse语言,感情,和外国人交谈,各种谈理想人生吧
Kiana, 25
Gold Coast
Idealer GesprächspartnerPatient and Funny
Meine LernzieleMeeting new people and learning new things
Meine InteresseSuperheroes and Comic Books
Janina, 24
Gold Coast
SprichtDeutsch, Englisch
LerntKoreanisch, Chinesisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerI'll talk to anyone ☺️
Meine LernzieleI want to improve my Chinese and I'm trying to learn Korean 😊
Meine InteresseMusic, Travelling and fooood 😁😁
Lok Chun, 25
Gold Coast
Mein GesprächspartnerTalkative, humour , helpful and knowledgeable person
Meine LernzieleLike a native speaker
Meine InteresseAny things
Sayaka, 34
Gold Coast
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityAnything you want !! Except rude thing...
Meine LernzieleFrench and English.
Meine InteresseAt moment I'm living at Toronto Canada. Getting better weathers here :))I love Going out and find new things. Love travel around world , Japan and where ever I want to go :) very curious to deferent cultures :)
Aaron, 35
Gold Coast
LerntEnglisch, Japanisch
Mein Sprachpartner istFriendly, I just wanna make friends on this app. I am not looking for date or partner.
Meine LernzieleMy English is okay but not much chance to talk with other people in English, and of course i am Thai native speaker if you wanna learn Thai i am quite professional speaking Thai haha.
Meine InteresseMy English is okay. But much more excited to cross cultures with you guys :-) so fun to see the different aspect of each culture.
Tatsuo, 24
Gold Coast
LerntEnglisch, Koreanisch
Idealer Gesprächspartner互いの文化やバックグラウンドを尊重し、さらに学びに対して常に前向きに取り組めるパートナー。スポーツが好きな人。
Meine Lernziele日常に活きる語学力の向上、英語をツールとした深いコミュニケーションを世界の多くの人と図れるようになりたい!
Meine Interesse現在、オーストラリアで語学留学中の大学生です。英語圏の方と、お互いの文化や語学を共有しつつ、一緒にスキルアップしたいと思っています!
Felipe, 23
Gold Coast
Sprichtexx, Portugiesisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerFunny
Meine LernzieleImprove my English because I'm living in Austrália
Meine InteresseTrips, sports and 🍕🍔🍟🌯🍁
Chris, 29
Gold Coast
SprichtEnglisch, Japanisch
Mein GesprächspartnerSomeone who shares common interests.
Meine LernzieleTo be able to practice languages in a judge free environment with like minded people!
Meine InteresseI love to discuss anything travel related such as places, people, hotels and incredible destinations!
Axel, 33
Gold Coast
SprichtEnglisch, Französisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityEasy going, with a good sense of humor,
Meine LernzieleI'd like to improve on my Spanish vocabulary and grammar.
Meine InteresseTravels, movies, music, surfing, sports, hospitality
Mohannad, 26
Gold Coast
Mein Sprachpartner istAnything
Meine LernzieleEnglish
Meine InteresseFootball, swimming
Caroline, 19
Gold Coast
Idealer Gesprächspartnersomeone easygoing and friendly
Meine Lernzieleimproving my French skills
Meine InteresseI love music and joking around with my friends
Eszter, 24
Gold Coast
Perfekter SprachpartnerSomeone who has similar interests , easygoing and friendly
Meine LernzieleI want to improve my English maybe start to learn other languages
Meine InteresseSailing , traveling , science , animals and dogs , I love dogs 😄