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Nuno, 33
Kuala Lumpur
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Portugiesisch
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, Italienisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySpontaneous, funny, inteligent, sense of humour
Meine LernzieleLearn other languages and have fun
Meine InteressePolitics, culture and tecnology
Evi, 32
Mein Sprachpartner istActive,Open minded, story teller person
Meine LernzieleSpeak fluently in english
Meine InteresseDaily activities
Za, 22
Petaling Jaya
LerntDeutsch, Japanisch, Portugiesisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerI don't re
Meine LernzieleCan speak other languages, duh
Meine InteresseEnthusiastic to learn languages because I have nothing to do right now. Scammers and catfishes stay away. Thanks.
Fatin, 18
Shah Alam
SprichtEnglisch, Malaiisch
LerntArabisch, Spanisch
Perfekter Sprachpartnergood looking, kind hearted, tall, lovely
Meine Lernzielekorean&chinese
Meine Interesseknowing each other
Rogerio, 88
Kuala Lumpur
Mein GesprächspartnerTanto faz, pode ser homem ou mulher
Meine LernzieleMelhorar conversação em inglês e aprender francês
Meine InteresseCinema, televisão, economia,filosofia
Febrianoes, 21
SprichtEnglisch, Indonesisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySaya hanya mencari teman saja
Meine LernzieleHanya untuk belajar saja
Meine InteresseBerita terbaru
Wong, 32
Petaling Jaya
SprichtZhuang, Chinesisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityNo sure how to use.
Meine LernzieleCan speak English to anyone
Meine InteresseAnything
Wen, 26
Shah Alam
LerntJapanisch, Koreanisch
Mein Sprachpartner istinteresting,humour
Meine Lernzieleconverse fluently
Meine Interessekpop
Nadirson, 24
Kuala Lumpur
Idealer GesprächspartnerHuman
Meine LernzieleFluent
Meine InteresseDifferent things
Welli, 26
Perfekter Sprachpartner女生,年轻的
Meine Lernziele兴趣和秘密
Meine Interesse什么都可以
Pierre-Gilles, 27
Petaling Jaya
LerntKoreanisch, Chinesisch
Mein GesprächspartnerDidn’t talk since a long time with people on this app. Anyone who’s nice is fine :)
Meine Lernziele我学习中文 and will soon live in mainland China. I am living in Asia and want to learn Chinese as a fluent level. Thanks!
Meine InteresseFan of sport and music. I’m a DJ as a hobby. I also like to know more about history!
Muhammad, 24
Shah Alam
SprichtEnglisch, Malaiisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySupportive. Willing to learn.
Meine LernzieleMaster the korean language
Meine InteresseHi! i am here want to learn korean.
Sami, 32
Kuala Lumpur
Mein Sprachpartner istAnyone
Meine LernzieleI need to practice my English and I would like to help Someone with my language, Portuguese
Meine InteresseNight life Culture Friends Life Places Country
Dillon, 18
Idealer GesprächspartnerTalkative and friendly
Meine LernzieleTo be a native speakers and able to comunicate with spanish people
Meine InteresseAbout sports,music ,hobby ,education and culture
Victoria, 26
Petaling Jaya
SprichtEnglisch, Chinesisch
LerntJapanisch, Koreanisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerSomeone who can share the same interest as I have, and describe more about their hobbies and experiences in life. Have the patience to guide me with their native language cause I am really a bad language learner 🤣
Meine LernzieleTo at least able to have some basic conversations with the locals in their countries.
Meine InteresseI like to talk about daily life activities and food
seruni, 23
Shah Alam
LerntEnglisch, Koreanisch
Mein GesprächspartnerGood persons Always teach, help and support me to be better
Meine LernzieleI want to travel the world🙆 meet amazing people and go to amazing place😊
Meine InteresseAnything topics that make me enjoy 😊
Ain, 19
Kuala Lumpur
SprichtEnglisch, Chinesisch
LerntPortugiesisch, Türkisch, zh-hant
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityThey speak with me randomly,can teach me until i can speak that languange and friendly
Meine LernzieleI dont know about IT
Meine InteresseAbout traditional
Vanessa, 21
Mein Sprachpartner istEveryone.
Meine LernzieleBe more confident in this language and be able to talk to my foreigner friends
Meine InteresseI start learning dancing for a year. I like to watch anime and marvel movies. I would go travel when i am able to, and i am interested to know about foreign culture and history.
Raihan, 26
Petaling Jaya
LerntJapanisch, Koreanisch, Chinesisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerVery cheerful and passionate in teaching
Meine LernzieleAble to understand and speak a little
Meine InteresseAnykind of topics. Im into many things.
Amri, 31
Shah Alam
SprichtEnglisch, Malaiisch
LerntThai, Chinesisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerTraveler & Mary jane
Meine LernzieleCan speak and reply for my third language
Meine InteresseTravel and Entrepreneur & Movie
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