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Grand Rapids

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Momoko, 25
Grand Rapids
LerntEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityFriendly and cheerful person
Meine LernzieleMy goal is to graduate my university in the US and live in a foreign country
Meine InteresseEnvironmental issues Travel
Manan, 23
Grand Rapids
LerntEnglisch, Koreanisch
Mein Sprachpartner ist英語が得意な日本人&外国人 何言語も話せる日本人&外国人
Meine LernzieleI'm Japanese:):) I want to improve my English skill,also other languages!! Anyone who wants to learn Japanese, just talk to me!! 日本人です 日本語が上手になりたい人は私とお話しましょう♫
Meine Interesse洋画 英語 言語 海外 日本 食べ物 ファッション
Pete, 33
Grand Rapids
Idealer GesprächspartnerI'm only beginning to learn hiragana so I don't know how much I can "talk" outside of using a translator, but I'll talk about anything!
Meine LernzieleLong term I'd like to reach a point where I can converse, even if that is brokenly but hopefully without embarrassing myself by not saying something right.
Meine InteresseI enjoy building computers, reading, writing, riding and working on my truck and motorcycle, playing with my ferret (Phoebe), and learning new things about people and cultures.
Gabriel, 19
Grand Rapids
LerntJapanisch, Koreanisch, zh-hant
Perfekter SprachpartnerEveryone
Meine LernzieleChinese, Korean, and Japanese
Meine InteresseAnything
Galen, 31
Grand Rapids
Mein GesprächspartnerClose to my age, has hobbies they like to talk about
Meine LernzieleBetter pronunciation and casual conversation skills
Meine InteresseFood and cooking, Nintendo/video games, art and drawing, sewing, cosplay, anime, manga
Olivia, 22
Grand Rapids
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySomeone I can learn and grow with.
Meine LernzieleFluency
Meine InteresseYummy food, books, kpop, dramas, life, pets, I just recently got into bullet journaling!
Julianne, 27
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Japanisch, Chinesisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySomeone who is willing to learn as much as willing to teach
Meine LernzieleBe a more fluent speaker
Meine InteresseFood, Exploring, and Painting
Josh, 20
Grand Rapids
Mein Sprachpartner ist私の日本語を直してくれる人, people who want to practice their English
Meine Lernziele日本人のようにペラペラに話せる
Meine Interesse映画, 音楽, 方言, ゲーム, 本, 趣味, 旅行 - 何でもいい
Dallas, 27
Grand Rapids
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone who would be willing to work with me as I make mistakes, while giving helpful corrections.
Meine LernzieleI would like to improve in my ability to speak Japanese
Meine InteresseI enjoy talking about anything, really. Religion, socio-political ideologies, the mechanisms of society, culture, history, etc.
Mason, 28
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, exx
LerntSpanisch, Japanisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerFunny and nice.
Meine LernzieleFluency!
Meine InteresseArte, cartoons, música, películas, cultura, viaje. Im trying to get English teaching certification. Does anyone want free English tutoring? Please contact me if you’re interested.
Inchan, 35
Grand Rapids
LerntJapanisch, Norwegisch
Mein GesprächspartnerBeing open, curious, and generous to different culture
Meine LernzieleI'd like to make some new friends.
Meine InteresseI'm interested in the language, culture, music, movies, or even politics.
Megan, 26
Grand Rapids
LerntKoreanisch, Russisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der Communityjust about anyone~
Meine Lernzieleincreasing vocabulary, improving pronunciation, and gaining confidence in conversations❗️
Meine Interessemusic, video games, comics, learning, social work, kpop, kdramas, history, etc.
Angel, 48
Grand Rapids
LerntSchottische Gälisch
Mein Sprachpartner istFemale, 40's, Christian, kind
Meine LernzieleTo speak & understand general phrases in Scottish Gaelic
Meine InteressePsychology, Christianity, cooking, kids, animals, health, music, crafts, travel,
Jeremy, 28
Grand Rapids
LerntDeutsch, Spanisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone who is patient, and has a sense of humor. Someone who will let me practice and make many mistakes to I can learn to speak better
Meine LernzieleI would like you become conversational in Spanish and improve my listening skills. I would like to be able to understand conversations between people who are not speaking directly to me. For German I have the dream of studying in Berlin!
Meine InteresseI would like to discus music, politics and places to take my dogs.
Joseph, 31
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Französisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerAnyone
Meine LernzielePractice
Meine InteresseScience, technologies
Wren, 21
Grand Rapids
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, sgn
Mein GesprächspartnerSomeone kind and sweet, loves language, is very patient. Loves to joke around and goof off but can be serious when need be. Just relaxed and chill.
Meine LernzieleI want to become more fluent in these languages not just speaking-wise but writing-wise. I want to be able to communicate effectively and not just follow a script. I also want to gain more friends that I can converse with.
Meine InteresseCats Books Writing Tv shows or movies Fan fiction or fandoms Life
Hilda, 35
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der Communitysomeone who likes to chat someone who’s friendly who is kind polite that wants to be friends and make an ever lasting friendship that wants to exchange Languages and culture and get to know each other more
Meine Lernzieleto learn everything about that language and culture to share my language and culture and exchange my language and culture too
Meine Interesselanguage culture food sports movies books life
Florence, 22
Grand Rapids
Mein Sprachpartner istSomeone relaxed and understanding if I don’t want to chat constantly. I’m very aloof and introverted so I sometimes don’t want to talk and there’s really no good reason.
Meine LernzieleI want to learn Dutch as quickly as I can. Ideally I want it to take a year at most. I don’t care if I’m fluent off the bat. I want to get conversational so that I don’t need my hand held anymore and can learn more organically.
Meine InteresseMusic, science, art, movies, animation, video games
YoungJae, 26
Grand Rapids
SprichtEnglisch, Koreanisch
LerntDeutsch, Spanisch, Französisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerAdventurous, open minded
Meine LernzieleLearn about new cultures and places; learn French and Spanish
Meine InteresseCooking, food, traveling, famous sites, cultures
Joshua, 30
Grand Rapids
LerntHindi, Chinesisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerSomeone who wants to be friends and learn about each others lives.
Meine LernzieleI want to improve my Chinese and Hindi.
Meine InteresseFood, Philosophy, Technology, Economics, Culture