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Louay, 25
SprichtArabisch, Französisch
LerntDeutsch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityUne personne curieuse qui aime savoire tout et de rire
Meine LernzieleFaire des connaissances,des amies et des rolations avec des différents personnes
Meine InteresseAventures, musique, culture, sport & comédie
Brin, 34
SprichtEnglisch, Französisch
Mein Sprachpartner istGirl
Meine LernzieleSpeaking and listening
Meine InteressePolitics
Charmaine, 26
SprichtEnglisch, zh-hant
LerntDeutsch, Französisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone who’s open to new cultures and to making new friends
Meine LernzieleTo increase my fluency and vocabulary
Meine InteresseNovels, travel, food, bookstore and stationary shopping
Nadia, 37
SprichtArabisch, Französisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerClaire
Meine LernzieleFaire des amis
Meine InteresseTous
Harry, 30
Mein Gesprächspartner재미있고 영어 배우고싶은 사람은 저랑 한국말로 이야기 할 수있어요! // A fun person who wants to learn English and speak with me in Korean!....그런데 이 애플은 메세지들 다 지웠어요 ㅠㅠ 그래서 답장 없으면 미안하고 메세지를 다시 보내주세요!
Meine Lernziele한국말 잘하고 싶어서 한국인들 이야기 할 수 있어요 :). To become fluent enough to talk with friends in Korean :)
Meine Interesse음식, 음악, 게임, 여행, 운동 // Food, edm, games, travel, exercise
Eduardo, 50
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityPatient
Meine LernzieleI want to speak Levantine arabic at it is the native language of my maternal and paternal grandparents.
Meine InteresseToo varied to comment here
Daniel, 34
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunityAnyone nice and interesting
Meine LernzielePractice and learn new languages
Meine InteresseLife, technology, movies, music
Regina, 20
LerntEnglisch, Französisch
Mein Sprachpartner istCan communicate easily, friendly, and thoughtful, positive vibe, passionate about things you like
Meine LernzieleCan be fluent in other languages!
Meine InteresseSport, passion, mental health, dream, future steps
Isaac, 32
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
LerntFranzösisch, Italienisch, Türkisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerEasygoing person, anyone that wants to talk about swimming, running, books or traveling!
Meine LernzieleAvoid forgetting my Italian and French. Making friends from all over the world.
Meine InteresseSports, technology, swimming, traveling, food, music, learning languages.
Arjun, 27
SprichtEnglisch, Malayalam
LerntSpanisch, Französisch
Perfekter SprachpartnerHonest people are the best!
Meine LernzieleI wish to make friends, this seems to be a great platform to meet people from around the world!
Meine InteresseI like talking about the most random topic you can think of! Because great conversations start from nowhere!
John, 53
Mein GesprächspartnerNative French speaker. Living in France would be nice but not necessary. Willing to spend hour per week doing 30 mins on English topics they are interested in & 30 minutes on French topics. I had a Skype prof once and we used a French cycling vocab list
Meine LernzieleI’ve spent quite a bit of time in France. 20 years ago, before having children, I did 2,000 km on foot throughout France on les Grandes Randonnees. I lived in France for about a year & have studied in Paris, Aix & Nice. I’d like to be more fluid
Meine InteresseKids & family. Cycling. Fitness. Food. Books
Amy, 27
SprichtEnglisch, Japanisch
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, zh-hant
Idealer Sprachpartner der Communityopen-minded, good listener
Meine LernzieleI would like to be able to have a casual conversation.
Meine Interessetraveling, food, sports, outdoor, culture, pets
navya sri, 26
SprichtEnglisch, Hindi
LerntFranzösisch, Chinesisch
Mein Sprachpartner istOpen to cultural exchange about each other's countries and culture.
Meine LernzieleTravel, Curiosity
Meine InteresseTechnology, Health, Cultures
Gautham, 28
SprichtEnglisch, Tamilisch
LerntSpanisch, Französisch, Russisch
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone who is open to different opinions, trying to learn new things,make new friends. I want to meet people from all over the world and get to know their culture, beliefs and ethics .. I’d like to know what I don’t know :)
Meine LernzieleTo practice and become fluent in French and learn about more people, culture, customs. I believe word is Smaller and people are kinder than we think! I am hoping to move to France to live/work there. J’aime une française. Elle est ma motivation! :)
Meine InteresseI like to travel. I have visited 37 countries and want to see more. I’m a big outdoor person. I like to run, play a bunch of sports,guitar &some other instruments.. I like psychology,philosophy,learning new skills. I believe that kindness goes a long way
Zoë, 25
LerntFranzösisch, Igbo
Perfekter SprachpartnerHelpful and patient!
Meine LernzieleFluency in Igbo most importantly Tackling conjugation in French
Meine InteresseCommon sentences, common questions, art and design, family, travel, food 😅
Jono, 26
LerntArabisch, Französisch
Mein GesprächspartnerSomeone who is non-judgemental and open to teaching me new things. Native speakers are a plus.
Meine LernzieleI want to become quicker at speaker, able to pull words out of my head quicker, but also learn new words and colloquialisms. For Arabic, I am really looking to learn the levantine dialect (Syria, Lebanon, etc) as that is where my family is from.
Meine InteresseSports (especially soccer), travel, current events
Cesia, 24
SprichtEnglisch, Spanisch
Idealer Sprachpartner der CommunitySomeone who is interested in learning Spanish/english, and a millenial
Meine LernzieleId like to hold a conversation in French
Meine InteresseI love music, talking about different countries, culture and people. I also like talking about what I did during the day
Hiyo, 31
SprichtEnglisch, Koreanisch
Mein Sprachpartner istFluent in French, fun, sweet
Meine LernzieleHave good conversation in French, understand French movies
Meine InteresseArt, ocean, spiritual practices, and so much more
Madi, 18
Idealer GesprächspartnerSomeone patient to help, someone willing to push me through to get ready for a trip to France
Meine LernzieleBe able to be fluent enough by summer for school France trip
Meine InteresseMusic Movies Food
Nini, 28
Perfekter SprachpartnerFriendly people :)
Meine LernzieleI want to get fluent at speaking and writing French
Meine InteresseFashion Blogging, Travel, Cooking