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Christmas and New Year Greetings in Russian

The holiday season is upon us! It would be nice to share some Christmas and New Year greetings in Russian with your Russian Tandem partners and Russian friends to show that you embrace their culture. Here is our short guide to make sure you get it right!

One important thing to remember is that New Year is much more popular in Russia than Christmas. In fact, the New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Russia! This is reflected in the country having ten days of national holiday from the 31st of December to January 10th! Since the New Year is more important, Russian people exchange gifts and greetings a few days before and after January 1st.

The second thing to remember is that Russia celebrates Christmas after the New Year, on January 7th as it’s part of the Orthodox church. So, instead of wishing someone a Merry Christmas first and then a happy new year, in Russia, they say «С Новым Годом и c Рождеством» (Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!).

With those bits of information out of the way, let’s get into some New Year greetings and how to say Merry Christmas in Russian!

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New Year Wishes in Russian

With Russians being superstitious, it’s bad luck to celebrate something that hasn’t happened yet. That’s why on the lead up to the New year Russians say «C Наступающим Новым годом» or simply «C Наступающим!» meaning “Happy Coming New Year!”

Once the new year starts, you can say «С Новым Годом!» (Happy New Year!) or the extended version «С новым годом, с Новым счастьем!» (Happy New year, Happy New Happiness!)

With greeting cards, emails, and text messages, the usual formula is «Поздравляю Вас (тебя) с (наступающим) Новым Годом!», meaning “I congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year!”

Furthermore, if you wanted to add to your greeting, use «Желаю Вам (тебе)» (I wish you) followed by one of the more popular wishes:

  • Крепкого здоровья – good health
  • Семейного счастья – family happiness (for people with a family)
  • Радости - joy
  • Любви – love
  • Успехов во всех начинаниях – success in all your endeavours
  • Успехов в работе (учебе) – success in your work (studies)
  • Исполнения всех желаний в новом году – fulfilment of all your dreams in the new year
  • Удачи – good luck
  • Побольше радостных событий в новом году – a lot of joyful events in the new year

Now that you know the most common Christmas and New Year greetings, it’s time to put them into practice with your Tandem partner!

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So, to all our Tandem members, we wish you a Happy Coming New Year!

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